In today's society, suppliers of goods and services are required to meet not only the explicit requirements of customers, but also to ensure that their products and services are safe and do not pose any risk to the health of users, consumers or the general public. Furthermore, they must take into consideration environmental conservation and promote fair economic behavior.

In order to meet these requirements, it is essential that processes, products and services, and the effects of various economic activities are correctly and objectively assessed (conformity assessment). It is imperative that society has confidence in schemes for conformity assessment. The mission of an accreditation body is to verify and evaluate, with impartiality and fairness, the competence of bodies providing conformity assessment services.

In Japan, the Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (JAB) was established by the private sector as the central body to ensure the competence of third-party conformity assessment schemes (hereinafter referred to as “the SCHEMES”). In order to fulfill this mission, JAB will operate in accordance with the following Charter:

The executives, employees, accreditation assessors, committee members, and other persons acting for or on behalf of JAB shall:

  1. always remember that the SCHEMES are important constituents of the social foundation that supports public safety and health, environmental conservation and fair economic practice in Japan;
  2. give top priority to the benefit of society as the true customer of the SCHEMES, and think and act for and in the interests of society as a whole;
  3. think and act in a fair and impartial manner, exclude undue influence from others, remain independent, and in all their activities, endeavor to ensure transparency and achieve accountability;
  4. endeavor to consult widely with society in general, avoid any pre-conceptions or assumptions not based on fact, make it a principle to be cooperative, to act innovatively and through their professionalism seek to demonstrate best practice.
  5. act at all times in a manner befitting the role of JAB as the peak body of the SCHEMES and, as a group of professionals with broad knowledge and experience, endeavor to enhance their capability and act in good faith;
  6. in all activities, comply with laws and ordinances; and
  7. endeavor to ensure consistency with international standards, and comply with international standards.

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