Impartiality Policy Statement

June, 2020
Mr. MORIUCHI, Yuzuru
Representative Director,
Executive Director
Japan Accreditation Board

Needless to say, as to accept the third party conformity assessment activities by the society, it is relevant to implement the conformity assessment activities as appropriate; testing, calibration, inspection, certification includes management systems, personnel, products, processes, services, provision of proficiency tests, and production of reference materials, validation and verification.
However, it is not always easy for the user of the result of the conformity assessment to confirm whether the conformity assessment activity is appropriately implemented.
The accreditation body assesses the organizational structure, operational management, resources, expertise, and actual evaluation activities of the conformity assessment bodies, and grant accreditation by the assessment results to the conformity assessment bodies to serve the benefit for the users.

Indeed, the accreditation body has sufficient expertise and high technical ability to be required for the appropriate assessment and accreditation, and the impartiality of accreditation activities is the foundation of conformity assessment. It is an important mission of those who oversee and supervise accreditation bodies.

JAB will not engage in any activities which may lead to the conflict of interest, such as consulting services or conformity assessment activities subject to accreditation.
JAB applies policies, processes and procedures in a non-discriminatory manner.
JAB will continue to assess potential risks to impartiality to minimize risk to the level that can be eliminated or accepted.
The personnel engaged in the accreditation activities of JAB, regardless of whether they are officers, employees, contract assessors, or external committee members, without having a relationship with a specific individual or organization or the impact on the JAB’s revenue or personal interests, will consistently carry out its accreditation activities, managing conflict of interest and ensuring objectivity of its accreditation activities.

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