Message from The President


Third-party conformity assessment is a social system where a qualified third party assesses the conformity of an entity against a recognized standard. Assuming the standard and assessment process are adequate, this system improves the quality and efficiency of choices made in the value provision chain, which is essential in economic and social activities.
In addition, the level of economic and social activity should also improve as a result of the enhanced capability of the assessed entity.
The accreditation functions of JAB serve to maintain and improve the ability of third parties to perform conformity assessments, while also promoting the effective utilization of this social system itself.
Fiscal 2016 is the year we began to see major changes coming in the environment surrounding this social system. The management system certification system, the original impetus behind JAB’s establishment, has matured along with the 2015 revision of the standards.
Meanwhile, the social significance of conformity assessment systems is being seen again in a new light, leading to their broader utilization, as indicated by expansion in product certifications, an increase in accredited laboratories and inspection bodies, their inclusion in procurement requirements at international events, and the accreditation of medical laboratories.

In June 2016, JAB welcomed three new directors. This major change in our management structure presents an excellent opportunity to reaffirm our vision of the future and realize our mission, roles and responsibilities.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, we have again considered the basics and formulated a medium-term vision through 2025.

We deeply appreciate the backing of our stakeholders. We ask for your continued support and encouragement under our new management structure.

August  2017

Yoshinori Iizuka,  President

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