1.Our Mission

To contribute to health, safety, environmental conservation and fair economic activity in Japan, and to facilitate trade, by formally recognizing and promoting the use of conformity assessment systems that comply with international standards.

2.Mid-term Vision

To become the leading accreditation body in the world by enhancing the reliability of third-party conformity assessment and promoting wide use of this system.

To realize this vision, we will:

  1. Promote coordination of our activities with other accreditation bodies in Japan and strengthen close cooperation with conformity assessment bodies to improve the system and resolve any issues that may arise;
  2. Present clear messages on the operation of the system and ideas for improvement and promote communication with the users of the system;
  3. Participate in the network of international accreditation bodies through our membership of multilateral / mutual recognition arrangements within IAF and ILAC; and
  4. Promote continuous improvement of our operational efficiency and risk management, in order to maintain a stable operational base.

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