"Japan Accreditation Board (JAB)" is a private nonprofit corporation in Japan responsible for almost all accreditation under the conformity assessment scheme. JAB was established in November 1993 in the name of "The Japan Accreditation Board for Quality System Registration" as the accreditation body under the quality management system certification scheme in accordance with the recommendation presented by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee, supported by 35 industrial organizations under the auspices of Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations). Since then, due to the global movement to establish an environmental management system certification scheme and also because of rising needs to establish a laboratory accreditation scheme in Japan, JAB amended its Articles of Association in June 1996 to extend its scope of activities, changing at the same time its name to "The Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment".

In July 2010, JAB changed its name to "Japan Accreditation Board" to work as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation under authorization from the Japanese Cabinet Office's Public Interest Corporation Commission.

By conducting the following activities related to conformity assessment under Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), international standards, or statutory and technical requirements, JAB seeks to establish and promote progress in the conformity assessment scheme in Japan and a multilateral/mutual recognition scheme with accreditation bodies abroad, through which to promote and contribute to the sound development of the Japanese economy and industry.

At present, JAB is a member of international MLA (Multilateral Recognition Arrangement) groups for the accreditation of quality and environmental management system certification bodies, and MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) group for testing laboratories, and medical laboratories.

JAB is implementing the following activities related to the conformity assessment scheme:

  • Accreditation and registration of management system certification bodies and personnel certification bodies;
  • Accreditation and registration of product certification bodies;
  • Accreditation and registration related to greenhouse gas (GHG) validation and verification bodies;
  • Accreditation and registration of laboratories, medical laboratories and inspection bodies;
  • Accreditation and registration of reference material producers and proficiency testing providers;
  • Evaluation service based on the MRA Law;
  • Publication of certified organizations (companies certified with a quality management system, an environmental management system, and others);
  • Promotion of multilateral / mutual recognition from foreign accreditation bodies;
  • Surveys and research;
  • Response to complaints, etc. relating to accreditation / certification;
  • Dissemination/ enlightenment and public relations activities;
  • Exchange of information and cooperation with relevant bodies both in Japan and abroad; and
  • Other activities required to achieve JAB's objectives.

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