The chairman of IAF speaks about "IAF-past, present, and future"

November 20, 2014
Japan Accreditation Board

On October 20th 2014, Mr. Randy A. Dougherty, who is the chairman of IAF(international Accreditation Forum), visited Japan.
He gave a lecture titled "IAF-past, present, and future" in Shinjuku-ku, at the Ushigome Tansu Hall.
Approximately 120 people concerned with the comformity assessment systems attended this event eagerly.

It was hosted by IAJapan(International Accreditation Japan), JIPDEC(Information Management Systems Promotion Center Japan), and JAB(Japan Accreditation Board).

Key elements include:


IAF MLA(Multilateral Recognition Agreement)
1st IAF-ILAC(The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ) Joint General Assembly
Publication of Code of Conduct
IAF MLA for EMS and Product Certification
Cooperation with ILAC 


The IAF Structure, IAF Board, IAF Committee Chairs, IAF Executive Committee
IAF Publications
Document Development
ILAC and IAF—global networks of conformity assessment accreditation bodies
The ILAC and IAF Arrangements


AF Strategic Plan 2015-2019
Vision, Mission
Strategic Directions

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